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-   ABOUT US  -


Fishing is what my middle name should be.  The two Johnny’s (Sr. and Jr.) are the reason that I am able to passionately fall in love and use my talents with this endeavor of becoming a master fish dip creator and to see my desire to be an entrepreneur come to fruition.  My grandfather, Johnny Bennett, Sr. and my “Pops”, Johnny Bennett, Jr. are avid fishermen and because of this, I started fishing at a very early age (hence the number three (3) used as the apostrophe in my business name and logo). I caught and have eaten fish in many different ways. 


Whether you are near to the ocean or on dry land, my fish dip will become a desired item that you will want to include as part of what you want to eat on a regular basis.  It’s casual, it’s fun, it’s formal, it’s serious, etc. you make that call as the customer. It’s requested at gatherings by my family, friends, fans, co-workers and the likes.  I thoroughly enjoy making my dip as they enjoy every bite of my dip. Because of the demands for my fish dip, I totally outgrew my personal kitchen space and decided to create my business. My company, equipment and workers are limited. However, dreams of greater expansion, coupled with greater success and also recruiting more delightful customers for my fish dip; is occurring nightly!   


I actively solicit opportunities to showcase my product as well as obtain distributors, independent retail stores and restaurants. 

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